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Project Summary

Smart office is becoming a trend, there has been increasing interest in improving operating efficiencies by smart technologies. Viva Properties Development has added the smart elements into their recent Vignature display office so as to attract young entrepreneurs. Apart from building the smart system for the display office, we install the basic equipment of the smart control systems for 312 flats located in Wong Chuk Hang.


Yoswit smart control system is a simple smart solution, which makes it suitable for compact places require less complicated functions. Centralize the lighting, shading and climate, and then manage them all from a few neat keypads or a simple interface on smartphone. By using Yoswit mobile app, users can remote control, schedule timers, setup scenes, etc. Besides, with no hubs or routers required, Yoswit assures an efficient, convenient and direct control of appliances with Bluetooth mesh-like network.

  • Smart Lighting Control

  • Smart Shading Control

  • Smart Climate Control

  • Security System – IP Camera


Solution Highlights


– Control the on/off and brightness of the lighting through smartphone.

– Use the mobile app to schedule timer to turn on/off the lighting.

– Automate the lighting with motion sensors.

Smart Lighting Control


– Connect air-con to Yoswit IR Hub and control by mobile app.

– Schedule timer to switch on/off air-con, such as switch off the air-con at 7pm to save staff’s effort when leaving.

– Automatically adjust the temperature with the thermostat or a touch on the phone screen. Keep the office in the most comfortable environment throughout the year.

Smart Climate Control


– Control Yoswit’s motorized curtains through smartphone.

– Use the mobile app to schedule timer to control the curtains so as to utilize the daylight.

– Build customized modes with lighting system, such as roll up the curtains and dim down the light at the same time.

Smart Shading Control


– IP cameras with night vision capture 3MP HD video 24/7.

– Watch live video or play back anytime and anywhere.

24/7 360° Security Monitoring

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